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I'm at work. It's 8am on a Saturday. I have to do this again tomorrow. I have no clue how I'm going to survive. 

Regardless, I've been reading about the film that recently went viral in the Middle East causing mass protest and the deaths of four US Diplomats. I watched part of it the other day before getting much background on it, and was surprised. It looks like a rank amateur was handed a fat wad (see what I did there) of cash and told to script the most absurdly disrespectful script he could find. The first person I thought of was Kirk Cameron.

The guy who actually seems to have written and produced the film is actually a Coptic Christian by the name of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a naturalized citizen from Egypt. I knew there had to be a christian involved somewhere (sorry for the generalization, but the correlation made sense, right?). This is one of the many reasons that I find religion retarded. Now don't get me wrong, I make a huge distinction between spirituality and religion. I know many people who consider themselves religious who are spiritually directed and fit. The problem for me lies in the "us vs. them" mentality that religions foment. It's baked into the basic fabric of all of the western religions in a way that eastern religions seem not to have (please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong in the comments). 


I just found out where some of my money was going. Match.com had me on auto pay. So the bounced checks in August is their fault. I just asked for 3 months worth of a refund. I'm trying to go in and completely cancel my account now and it won't let me. FML.


It's funny. I have all these great thoughts that I'd love to write about here, but they all happen while I'm in the car. Maybe I should start using Dragon's Dictation App on the iPhone and start recording these little rants. 

Anyhow, I've been trading some interesting e-mails back and forth between myself and girl. Her name is Rose and she's pretty cool. A bit blunt, but I find that to be refreshing. She's in the midst of a divorce, though, so this is going to be strictly new best friend. I'm ok with that.

Work has been a clusterfuck, but I'll be moving to days next week. I'll be able to reclaim my social life somewhat. Of course after getting the new floor installed I have no money, so going out will not be happening often (if at all). 

I started sifting thru Marko's drum tracks and picking out what I'd like to use for loops. So far it's most of it. I still have four more tracks to go thru then I need to mix the tracks and bounce them down so I can carve them up. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with these tracks, but I'm pretty certain it's going to involve the Danelectro with it's bass strings back on it, the Fulltone distortion box, and the Tech 21 Chorus pedal I bought a few weeks back. After that I'm not sure. 


Wow. Today was scary. 

The floor I ordered last month, that ended up back ordered, arrived at the store today. This is a week earlier than I expected. They deliver it Saturday. I now have to rip the carpet out of here Saturday and prep it for the new floor by next Friday. I'm excited and a little overwhelmed at the same time. I'm glad I have friends. Randy's going to help me move the TV equipment into my bedroom and hopefully we can get the love seat into the library. The couch will need to go into the basement or under a tarp outside. I'd rather the basement.

The big crunch is that I set up a date for Sunday with a really awesome (so far) girl and she was supposed to come here that day. Work hard Saturday; hopefully relax Sunday. We'll see. I feel good about this one, although until we're actually hanging out the jury will need to stay out.

I said this to someone tonight that I have adored since high school: "Just remember to keep your sense of humor within arms reach at all times and you'll be able to get thru anything. Finding the absurd in the face of tragedy is the rabbit hole towards enlightenment." She's going thru some serious ailment right now that has included surgery. Up until now I've been afraid to ask exactly what happened. I'm still waiting for a response, but it really has gotten me thinking about mortality even more than I already have. It's been on my mind for awhile now, but only in snippets. I usually start joking with someone and it goes away. Tonight I feel the weight of it in a way I haven't felt since my mom died. 


It's funny how when I actually sit to write anything nothing seems to come to mind. There's plenty to write about, like "Legitimate Rape" or "US World Domination", but I'm really not into it tonight. I really should be studying for my ACMT, but all I can think about it how exactly I'm going to kill a grizzly bear with a hunting knife in RDR. Srsly.


26 years ago today one of the single most awesomest people I know was born: Lauren Hart. I love you kiddo! 

In other news, it's extremely quiet at work tonight. This is the first honestly quiet night I've had here in weeks. I should be studying, but I really can't focus because it's so quiet and I'm used to it being chaotic. If the camera wasn't here or I had my iPad I'd read a book. Dinner didn't carry me either. I wanna go home and play RDR.


The new pedal arrived yesterday. It's a Boost Chorus by Tech 21/SansAmp. Holy shit this thing is awesome. I've searched for years for a chorus effect that I could fall in love with that was more versatile and had more control than my (now deceased) Boss CE-2. Nothing I've played with either real or virtual has really satisfied me, although the chorus stompbox in the iPad version of Garageband comes pretty close, but not quite. You see, the CE-2 has this milky analog tone that not even boss has been able to replicate. My one problem with it over the years, though, is it's lack of a mix knob so I could pull back on the effect in the overall mix. 

The Boost Chorus has that and way more. Based on the chorus' of the 70's and 100% analog this is the pedal I've been searching for. It's lush yet controllable; versatile yet steadfast. I'm in love. Now I just need to solve one more problem then I'll have the tone selection needed for the Danelectro: the Boss PS-5 Super Pitch Shifter is ruining the tone, not blending under it. I may have to pull it into one of the single chains, but then I will need a way to split the source which means adding another pedal. Currently I'm running into both sides of the Bassmen (Bass and Normal) and have different EQ's for both sides. Running this thru the 18x 2-10 cabinet has given me a new respect for my original set up, so I'd like to keep it this way. I'm much closer to what I want then I was yesterday morning, though.


Today started out slow. I really need to start getting up early to prepare for the schedule shift I'm about to undertake. Regardless I went for a bike ride and then walked Deebo. Hung out with the neighbors for a bit and gave them some gardening tips, mostly stuff I learned this year. This garden has done pretty well weed-wise since deciding to use last years leaves as cover for the plants. I'm making that a reality every year from now on. 

Speaking of the garden, the tomatoes aren't doing very well, but the peppers are glorious. Everything else is gone, though due in large part to the critter that came in early in the season. I'll be ready for him next year!

Work has been crazy with no end in site. 


It's been a few days since I posted anything substantial. Lately my life has been a bit back to normal (ie boring). Aside from occasionally studying for my ACMT I'm just working out and eating right, playing video games and trying to get back into reading and music. 

I did start putting together a new rig centered around the Danelectro with the bass strings back on. Totally different instrument and I now quite like it. Still trying to get the sound in my head out into the world though. I have a new chorus pedal coming that may help. I think I should bust out the flanger to go with it, though. I think I need to pull the harmonizer out of the mix. It's not really doing what I wanted it to do. I did add the Mopho to the mix but I'm getting mixed results. Still need to find something I like there. I'll post pictures once I get it set.


Dating pretty much sucks. I'm trying to stay positive but let's face it, at 43 I'm either attracting women who long ago stopped caring about themselves, need to be pregnant right this fucking minute, or are completely batshit crazy. Oh yeah, and the occasional gay man who can't read (sorry dude). Women who have their shit together seem to avoid me.

I went on a date Sunday night with an Israeli grad student. She was nice enough and we got along ok. I actually kind of liked her but she was proud of the fact that she doesn't take care of herself. She's a "junkatarian" as Jon A calls them. Someone who doesn't eat meat but eats a lot of bread and cheese. When your belly is out in front of your tits and you're not pregnant, that's a sign that your diet sucks. When you can't walk a block with a slight incline with out huffing and puffing, your diet sucks. It turned me off pretty quick. 

I'll admit, I haven't always been in this good of shape, but I've typically carried my weight pretty well. I want to keep being healthy from here on out, so dating someone with bad eating habits is not an option.


Holy hell! I slept in for the first time in what seems like years today. Of course Deebo got me up at 8am to let him out, and Jon sent me a text at 9:30, but I was able to go back to sleep and not be bothered until 11:30am! I needed that.

Yesterday was relatively relaxed. I went to the doctor early in the morning to find out what this rash on my belly is. It turns out I don't have shingles but an infected spider bite. Antibiotics ensue. I then went home to try to go back to sleep. Couldn't do that so I just laid in bed. Almost as good. Moved tot he couch  and did some cleaning then got caught up on some articles and web browsing.

I found out Jason Noble died an the last few days. Very tragic. Rodan was a great band and now I really regret not getting up in time to see The Shipping News at the T&G 25th.  Cancer's a bitch and my record collection is crying.

I've been following Mark Maynard's covered of the local elections and in particular a certain three candidates that scare the shit out of me. If you live in Ypsi and are planning to vote on Tuesday (as I hope you are) you need to read his blog posts. I've been linking them in my Facebook feed but wanted to add them hear as well. They are here, here, here, and here. I don't want these archaic thinking douche-nozzles anywhere near power, no matter how small.


For the record, I'm tired. It's been a long week. It's done. I'm home. Good night.


Ok. Three 12 hour work days on top of two 8 hour regular days is rough. Next week I try to do five 12 hour days. Then no more overtime for the rest of the summer if I can help it. I have no interest in leaving the house again until Monday morning.

IMG 4062

Today I took Rachel to Nichols Arboretum by way of Gallup Park. It was a long hike but we took a lot of pictures. She's starting to teach me how to use a camera beyond point and shoot. I'm starting to understand. Starting. Anyhow, we were pretty exhausted and I hadn't eaten anything beyond a Clif Bar, so I took her to La Fiesta's Taquoria. Holy crap the portions! We honestly could have split a meal, but the food was awesome. At least I have leftovers. We took the dogs for a walk afterwards and then I went home. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing laundry and generally putzing. I needed that. 


Blogging over the next week or so may be spotty. I'll be working a lot of overtime. Went into work at 11:30am today and will do the same tomorrow. Paid for the floor yesterday and came in nearly $400 less than I was expecting. Also ordered RAM for the Macbook Pro. I'm going to max it out and then install 10.8.1 when it's available. Scary prospect but I think it's time. Besides John Siracusa doesn't hate it. This is going to be a big step for me because I'm seriously going to miss Spaces as it is in 10.6.x. We'll see. I hope it doesn't hose half my Apps. Especially CS3. I so don't want to install CS5 on this laptop. It seems such a waste. Maybe I'll just move to The Gimp. Ok. I'm exhausted.http://www.gimp.org/


Today I let Deebo guilt trip me into a walk. I checked the weather first and it said it was 83 degrees. I figured we'd go for a short walk. Once I got out there it felt a lot less than 83 degrees so we went farther. I'm glad for it, but it did get pretty hot towards the end. There was nothing really going on downtown special; pretty quiet actually so I talked to Staci on the phone while I walked. Apparently this was good for her. She was able to focus long enough to finish the dishes while we talked. 

Called Stumpy next.  It was a good conversation. It's funny how the kids you never expected to have a huge impact on surprise you the most. He's doing really well considering how the last week has been for all of us. I'm really proud of him and the effort he's put towards building the type of career he wants rather than settle for the one he can get. He's a strong confident young man and it feels good that I had something to do with his upbringing. 

Next I finished the faraday cage on my strat. I pulled it together and there is a definite noise reduction, but not near as much as I'd hoped. I'll have to plug it into a proper amp to really test it, though. I'm happy it's done and even if it helps a little, it'll go a long way to making that instrument usable. Now I just need to replace the neck...


Photo on 2012-07-23 at 07.35 #2

This is pretty much how I look at 7am. I'm not happy about being up this early, but if I miss this scheduling call for the living room measurements... well it wouldn't be good. I'm thinking of staying like this all day. It's supposed to be over 100 degrees today. Yuck.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Went to see The Dark Knight Rises with Larry and Randy. It was a very satisfying ending to a spectacular series. I don't want to give too much away, so suffice to say that I was pleased and you should go see it. 

Afterwards, we went to Meijer to get some groceries so I could make dinner. I'd invited Lauren, Jaimie, Martha, and Marco over at 6pm and it was already 5:30 when we got done with the movie. After scrambling my way thru the store with a hard on (seriously is late Sunday afternoon hot girl day at Meijer!?), we got back to the house and immediately set to work making dinner: chickpea taco's!. This time around I used the asian garlic pepper paste I bought at Shadow the day before. Since it was an asian flavored sauce I went with napa and a mango salsa to go with the sour cream and guacamole. We made the guac and salsa fresh. I also roasted some sweet potato chips and Jaimie cut up some cantaloupe.  The meal turned out to be exquisite. I have to buy more of this paste. I put a bit more in than I would have for a dinner party, so they were a tad on the hot side, but I had the right crew for the amount of heat I applied. No hot sauce was used in the making of this meal!


Went to Shadow Art Fair today with Lauren and Linda and had an awesome time. I didn't over spend either. Talked to Dan Blades for a bit and bought some stuff from him. Listened to his latest CD on the way into work. It's pretty cool driving music. I got a we bit drunk but not too drunk to walk home and sober up so I could DRIVE TO WORK! ugh. Anyway, work was uneventful. I may try to stop back by the Corner for some last minute mayhem before going to bed.


Today started out pretty good. Deebo woke me up by standing on my chest and licking my face at 7:30am. I let him out and went back to sleep until 9am. I got up and took Deebo for a long walk then took the Mongoose out for a ride. It felt good to get out on the bike but my knee wouldn't let me ride too hard. I made breakfast when I got back. Used the sweet potato tater tots I made awhile back to make a hash to go with an egg. It made decent hash, but I needed to let it cook longer. I put the egg on too soon, so I ate the hash slightly undercooked. Still tasted better than regular hash browns. 

Managed to finish the studio and storage area of the basement. It's ready for me to start taking things down there. I'll know when that needs to be come mid next week.

Now comes the bad part. Checked my bank account and my paycheck was extremely light. There should've been overtime on this one. Granted, not as much overtime as the last check, but certainly more than none. This check wasn't even the same size as a normal paycheck. Ugh. I emailed the person who needs to fix it. She told me I only worked 58 hours. I sent her both timesheets. Apparently she had only gotten the second one and was running from that. Long story short, I now have a check for the difference in my bag. Not only that but before I went to work I checked the mail and found a $50 check from Honda for referring Lauren to them! Whew! I don't have to worry about getting the floors done now.


Today I made the decision to finally replace the carpeting in the living room with a laminate faux-wood flooring. I'm stoked. I'm going to have to do all the demo work myself as well as the trim afterwards, but I can't wait for it to be done. It's going to look so awesome. I'll try to take pictures before and after. I put down the fee to get the estimate. It happens sometime Monday. They're supposed to call me between 7-9am to arrange the two hour time slot for that day to actually measure everything. I have no idea how I'll be getting up at 7am. I can't wait to get rid of the carpet, though, so I'll suffer the little irritations.

It rained a good chunk of today. I'm glad of that. I hate watering everything. My water bill is going to suck! At least the rain barrel is doing it's job now. Still need to buy those extra hoses, though. Yikes.

Also cleared up an issue with a certain someone I'm very interested in getting to know better. I just need to learn to calm down. I can be so intense sometimes.


So I really don't have much to say except that I'm moving to days as soon as the new guy is up to speed!

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