People we like in no particular order.

Theremin World

The web site devoted to the world's first fully electric instrument!

The People Now

Glenn Smith from Porkfist's new band out in Seattle. Awesome math rock!

Art Delano's web-site. He's helped out with this site a great deal.


Mike Welshons is a long time friend of Eddie's and a great artist.

Mass Solo Revolt

Old friend Jim Frye's newest band. Jim's been in Propellor, Data Cadet, and Rome for a Day.

Stormy Records

Not only do they sell CD's and vinyl, but they put on all ages shows too! Home of Windy & Karl.

Beat Frequency

Thereminist makes lush and sometimes challenging music. A must listen to site.

Anthea Leigh

Digital beauty.


SynthPop goodness from this smart and beautiful duo. Now defunct. Please check out Nightlife and John Cyrus.

Mason Proper

Former member of The Makeshift and Covington Zac rocks the low end.

Steve Goossen

Boy genius builds mind expanding sound scapes.

John Vorus

Layered textures of sound for really deep listening from a member of Morsel. He can also be found here.

Word Salad Rustbelt Jazz Ensemble

Early collaborations of Steve Goossen, Eddie Jackson (AYTBN), James Cornish (Sublingual Ensamble), and John Vorus (Morsel).

Awesome Color

For fans of The Stooges and Radio Birdman our friend Derek's band rocks!

Rob Crozier

Bass player extrordinaire plays in many many bands including AYTBN, Sublingual, and The Grrsmastics.

Severed Unicorn Head Super Store

For all your severed unicorn head needs!

RC Pop Art

Robbie Conway formerly of The Ghettobillies art studio.

Khalid Hanifi

Long time A2 musician rants and rolls into the 21st century.

Gallery Six

Hidekazu Imashige makes beautiful soundscapes from his small studio in Hiroshima.  You can also find him on Facebook.

Author & Punisher 

A self made instrument in the hands of  a true artist. Allow your ears to be punished.

The Merricks 

Marc Ackermannn, self proclaimed panda bear, makes eclectic mixes from his dining room table. Prolific and persistent his work is grandiose! You can also find The Merricks on Facebook.

K K Null

Better known to many as the guitarist and voice of Zeni Geva, Kazuyki Kishino has been releasing music under his own name. Both his solo work and many collaborations with other artists from all over the world can be found at the link above. 

Chris X

Cristiano Luciani, born in Rome and currently living in Berlin, is the master of live noise mixing and sound collage. 

Hyphen Records

Record label with a wide range of artists that work primarily in Europe, such as The Merricks, Sylphides, Emmanuele Gattuso, and Bathernay.

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