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Some serious change is in the works. Completely new website with album reviews, more music from our artists, and possibly a new band! Stay tuned.


So it’s been quite some time since our last post. We apologize profusely but take note that we have had some new developments at Soiled Utilities Productions in the interim. 

To begin, a large chunk of our catalog has been posted to Bandcamp. You can find both As Yet To Be Named and Edweird there with more to follow in the coming months.

While we’re on the subject of Bandcamp we have quite a few artists we’d like you to check out. You can find them all on our LINKS page.

We recently made some drastic modifications to our recording studio. A gear list is forthcoming but there will be no clients taken until we can get a handle on all the awesome new gear we have now. Keep in mind the steep learning curve involved with any radical upgrade and we have a lot to figure out before we can take on clients. 

Don’t lose hope though, kids. To learn all the new equipment we have a new project in the works that will use the new equipment to do their first recording. We’ll talk about that more later as things progress so keep watching.


Edweird's latest release is now complete. "Day Trip To The Insane Asylum" is a mostly live-in-the-studio recording of cerebral space music. It should be available via Tunenami and Bandcamp by Memorial Day weekend. Keep an eye out here for more details. There will be spam as well so watch your inboxes.


Here's a new band for you kids to check out. They're called The Maunder Minimum. I'm not to hip on the bass player. A little to wanky and bright sounding for my tastes, but I like the rest of what I hear. You can find them on Facebook too. 


Things are starting to heat up around here. 

1) We have a Facebook group now! 

2) Edweird's fourth release is coming along nicely. Expect a single to be thrown up in the next few weeks.

3) The Rustbelt Ensemble recorded a gig at AJ's that was mastered here at our facilities. You can listen to a piece of it here.

4) A new group has been steadily working in our studio these past few weeks. They are called Project Peninsula and are made up of Eddie Jackson (Edweird) and Josh Weichmann. So far this is turning into an interesting blend of dark ambient noise and live drumming.

5) Andrew Nelson has been back in our studio to record a couple more songs for an X-mas release. Also Andrew has a CDbaby page with links to iTunes. 

6) We have also posted studio rates on the Welcome page. Yes kids, that's right! We are opening the doors for outside studio business. 

So that's it for now. Have a happy, safe, and creepy Halloween!!!


Edweird and Anthea Leigh have finished principle recording on their long gestating album. Anthea is mixing it now. Edweird will be mastering. We're still working out the details but looking for a late spring release. This will likely not be a free release, but it will be download only and the price should be pretty low. We're hoping to release in MP3 and FLAC so the cost will be worth it.

Edweird is still plugging away at his next solo effort. All the basic tracks are done and secondary tracking has commenced.


Net neutrality gets a big boost from R.E.M.


Edweird has a new record in the works. So does As Yet To Be Named.


A word to the wise. When someone is doing you a favor and not charging you money for services they ought to be paid for, don't piss them off. They will not work with you, ever. Nor will they help you find other people to work with. Srsly.


Well this is the new site. How do you like it so far? Pretty choice, huh? Things haven't been going as smoothly as we'd like around here. The site being down has caused a great deal of irritation, but since the webmaster got shipped off to Iraq, and the rest of us have been busy with life intrusions, well... no one is really at fault. Regardless the new site combines both and Very convenient I think you'll agree. So on with the updates:

eDWeiRD and Anthea have not had time to finish their record yet, but have been rehearsing for live shows!

The Rustbelt Unsemble played a show at AJ's in October and the first set was filmed. Look for that coming soon.

eDWeird's "Some Monster It Geisha!" is available now! Go here to download it.


We figured someone should post at least once this month. If we've been quiet it's because we've been busy here at SUP.

Anthea Leigh and Edweird have nearly completed their first collaboration. Still no name yet, but the tracks are all done save one. So far it's become a very beautiful swirling project and both are eager to work with each other again.

Edweird has finished his next full length entitled "Some Monster It Geisha!" and should be available for download next month. Don't worry. We'll keep you all informed. He has also joined The Rustbelt Unsemble. That's right kids. Live gigs! Watch the Shows link to see how infrequently they play.

We have a new collaboration between Steve Goossen (Rusbelt Unsemble) and Edweird. This record is still in the early stages, but recording is going well. There is also a long lost four track recording between the two of them that has been found. We plan to release them both sometime this fall!

Also Edweird did sonic battle with SG Toth one night this month here in our studio and there is documentation. Look for this to come out close to the holidays.


Sad day in punk rock today. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant's guitarist Futoshi Abe has died of cancer at the age of forty three. TMGE were, in my opinion, the greatest rock band ever to come out of Japan. Abe's staccato guitar attack being central to that greatness. I discovered TMGE through The had this rediculous picture of the billboard for their ‘Chicken Zombies’ album with them wearing football helmets with big letters spelling out F.U.C.K.. It was pure gold (I still pay attention to the site because of that experience.) and I immediately went to Amazon and bought two records without even first hearing the band. I never felt cheated; not once. I'm listening to one of those purchases right now as I write this. Their energy is infectious and the records never get old. For those who want to know more here is the Nippop article on them. It's better than anything Wikipedia had. RIP, sir.


Fred Thomas has a new band. Check it out!


I have this long standing love/hate relationship with Trent Reznor. I think he has failed as a human being up until now, and I always thought his music was second rate compaired to his peers. Lately I've had to reevaluate my opinion of the man. I still dislike his music (Pretty Hate Machine really stuck in my craw back in 91. That album sounded like a guy with a four track trying to be Michael Hutchins with a Ministry sound alike band backing him), but he's been fairly forward thinking in regards to digital music and the sale of it (or lack of ability to do so). If you're reading this, then you know I've been releasing and distributing records for free for years now. I record everything here in the house so recording costs are next to nothing. It all comes down to being heard. This is why I went this route. Trent just posted something to that effect and you can find it here

BTW I also felt the same way about Henry Rollins for awhile. This was after he put my friend Bill up against a wall by his throat in CBGB's. What did Bill do you might ask? He was near Henry's table when his notebook was stolen. 


Derek Sivers of CD Baby fame has a blog posted that caught my attention this morning. It got me thinking about some stuff.

Oh yeah, and Penny Rimbaud interview on Punknews. More Crass goodness!


Indie Music Business takes another hit. Ow!


Steve Ignorant of Crass interviewed! Go read this now.


Best news EVER! (Ok really just if you're local to Ypsi). Go to Mark Maynard's blog and check out this article. This has been needed around here for as long as I've lived in Ypsi. An honest to gosh artisits co-op. I'm giddy as a school girl. I'm not sure I personally need the space, although it would make recording live bands doable again. We'll see. Since I don't have a day job anymore I need to be careful with my money. The really cool thing, though, is this gives a home to everyone else who has no place to jam. People can check each other out, help each other out, and the networking possabilities are endless. I seriously hope James can get this off the ground.

Also, it's Joel's birthday today. Send good vibes his way.


There are a lot of things planned for release by the end of summer. Busy bees are we! In the meantime, Mark Maynard is making Ypsi famous one panty at a time.


John Cougar Mellencamp blasts the music industry. Mariah Carey gets caught in the crossfire.

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